How to Get Back on Track When You Neglect Your Goals

Does it seem like your social media channels are bombarding you with workout pages and self care tips? Because same here. And when I see those little advertisements, they seem to remind me of what I’m not doing.

I try to maintain a consistent workout schedule. And I try to make time to create art and write and work on myself. I try to set aside a part of my nights for routine meditation and take the time to read a couple chapters of my book.

But sometimes I decide to watch T.V. and sometimes I decide to skip the run to enjoy a glass of wine on the patio. Sometimes I decide to go over to my boyfriend’s house to play a round of cards and snuggle in for a movie.

But then when I see these little advertisements telling me to Get Out There! and Look Cute While Getting Fit! and Take a Look at my Etsy Shop Full of Amazingly Unique Crafts! I start to feel…panicky. Why am I not working on my six pack abs while wearing a cute matching workout set? And why the hell don’t I have a successful Etsy shop with amazing creations??

And then I stop myself.

Accept That You’re Human

Here’s the thing. Those advertisements and those people on the advertisements? They’re just that–ads with good-looking actors! And they’re doing exactly what they set out to do: Make people like me panic so I’ll go out and purchase the utensils and pieces I think I need to feel like a well put together human being.

But that just isn’t right, yo.

When you fall off track of your self care routine and you slip up to have a night in bed watching a new movie, cut yourself some slack. You’re not falling behind everyone else, and you’re not shooting yourself in the foot by taking a night or two off.

These people on social media and on those advertisements are hardly projecting their true selves. In fact, I would bet on saying they’re only showing their BEST selves. And it’s easy to make your best self look like your all-the-time self. But here’s the thing: no one is perfect!!!

It’s OK not to be on track all of the time. My blog promotes finding a holistic lifestyle in a relatable way. What’s relatable about having your shit together all of the time and never missing a beat?

The thing about wellness is that it is a never-ending process. It’s taken me a long time to understand and accept that. After all, isn’t the point of jumping on the wellness journey to achieve your ideal self? Well, the thing is, people who embrace wellness and a holistic lifestyle understand that no human is perfect and we should always be loving ourselves for growing and adapting. Even when you’re your ideal self, you’ll still make mistakes.

Getting Back to Your Goals

If you follow this blog, you should know by now that it’s basically about how I’m learning to embrace and practice the holistic lifestyle in an effort to achieve a more peaceful and wholesome state of mind. Part of this whole journey, however, has included falling off the wagon and getting off track from my goals.

However, no matter how many times I seem to stray off course (by forgetting to blog, forgetting to meditate, forgetting to workout, etc), I always place myself back on track because I’ve decided this is important to me.

So, when you fall of track from your goals, I challenge you to REMIND YOURSELF WHY ALL OF THIS WAS IMPORTANT TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Typically, a holistic lifestyle leads to a greater sense of happiness and self confidence. If your goal is to achieve that kind of mindset, then just remind yourself of that goal. And above all, don’t get yourself down simply because you neglected your goals for a little bit.

Becoming a mindful person is kind of, like, really difficult. And that’s because old habits truly do die hard. But, if you want to succeed, you’re going to have to remember to stick with the practices and keep your eyes on the end goal.

How do you get yourself back on track when you veer off course slightly? Let me know in the comments!

– She Salt


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